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Learning Council

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Hello and welcome to the Learning Council for Brightside Primary School.

We are a group of 22 children (2 per class from Year 1 to Year 6) who were voted in to our positions at the beginning of the year by our class mates.

We held elections and all the children in the school got to vote!

We meet every Wednesday afternoon and discuss important matters that help to improve the experience for our learners and make our school a better place!

Please see below for pictures of our wonderful councillors...



Picture 1 James and Mia
Picture 2 Baker and Amelie
Picture 3 Harry and Ellarose
Picture 4 Harry and Sunnie
Picture 5 Sam and Ameila
Picture 6 Jack and Rosie
Picture 7 Sam and Sophie
Picture 8 Eva and Jack
Picture 9 Jess and Arthur
Picture 10 Michael and Maddie
Picture 11 William and Rosie
Picture 12 Owen (Chairperson), Jared, Chloe and Poppy

What we've been working on...

1. Designing and voting on our new Learning Council logo (you can see it if you scroll up).

Amelie in Year 1 created the winning design - well done Amelie!


2. Creating our Learning Council board in school.

This is where all our agendas are displayed, along with our photos and what we're working on at the moment. It's important that the rest of the school know what we're working on.







3. Enterprise Week

We worked so hard, it made the local paper! Click on this link to "Read all about it!"


Clink on this link to see our video!



What we're working on at the moment...


We are hoping to enter our school into the Speaker's Council Award. We are hoping to enter our school into the Speaker's Council Award. This is a competition between lots of different schools that have made a difference to their community. We want to enter this competition because we have made a difference to lots of family’s lives by donating the money we raised (in Enterprise Week) to Cancer Research UK and Brain Tumour Charity –in memory of Mrs Pearce. The winners of this competition go to the houses of parliament to collect their award! By Rosie, 5D.


As it's the year of the Queen's 90th birthday, The Learning Council are organising a 'Clean for the Queen' event working in collaboration with the other schools in Billericay as part of 'Student Voice'. We have located two areas in our school that need a good tidy up. One in each Key Stage's playground. We noticed that there is some rubbish in the Key Stage Two playground so we are going to be picking up litter. We will add some before and after pictures very soon! By Madison, 5W.


Light monitors - we have to try to lower our school's electricity bill!

We have decided to have light monitors that will go around at break and lunch to see if any lights are still on. If a light is on, we’ll turn a sign around on the door to let the occupants know that we had to turn their light off. We hope this will save money on our electricity bill so we can spend the money on something more exciting! By Rosie, 5D.


Links beyond our school...

We have raised money recently for The Brain Tumour Charity and Cancer Research UK

We attend termly Student Voice meetings where we meet with other school councils across many schools in Billericay. We talk about our school and learn from others. We work on joint projects. Between the schools in Billericay, we have raised over £7100 for various charities over the course of the Spring Term. Wow - what a fantastic achievement!  

Sadly we didn't win but we got a lovely badge!

Sadly we didn't win but we got a lovely badge! 1


To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, we took part in a local clean up project alongside many other schools in Billericay.

The children voted on the areas around school that they thought required a little bit of TLC and then set about making improvements. The areas that were chosen were the garden area outside Year 2, the seating area in the quiet area in KS2 and a general litter pick around the entire site.

Thanks to help from Mrs Rice from Gardening Club, we had flowers, planters and all sorts of things to help our green fingered Learning Council make their improvements.

Take a look at our before and after pictures and you'll see how hard the children worked and how beautiful the school now looks.

Well done and thank you Learning Council - you worked your wellies (not socks) off!

Picture 1 The KS1 area 'before'.
Picture 2 The quiet area in KS2 'before'
Picture 3 Our Green Fingered Learning Council
Picture 4 During...
Picture 5 Busy planting
Picture 6 The KS1 area 'after'
Picture 7 Our hard working litter pickers
Picture 8 KS2 area with the new red, white and blue theme!