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Proposed Expansion

As you are aware Essex County Council have launched the formal public consultation on the proposed permanent expansion of the school. The consultation document  can be viewed by visiting xCCConsultations. Any person may make comments on the proposal by sending them by email to Comments can also be sent in writing to the School Organisation Team, County Hall E3 Zone 1, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1GS. The consultation is open until Saturday 17th June 2017. 



Brightside Primary School have agreed to take a bulge class in September 2017. Additional Reception pupils have been allocated a place at the school and will be starting in September.
Essex County Council (ECC) are required to provide an additional classroom for September in order for the school to accommodate the additional pupils.
There is currently a consultation process being conducted which proposes a permanent expansion of the school from September 2019. This will involve the addition of a new building plus remodelling work on the current building. It will also require the removal of some existing temporary buildings.
While a final decision has not yet been made on the permanent expansion, the extra class needed for the bulge has been planned assuming that the permanent expansion and associated building works will go ahead. This is being planned by ECC at risk, but the benefit is that if the permanent expansion and associated building works get approved then the single new building will provide much better overall school accommodation for the future. It would also mean the building contractors will be able to finish on site quicker, offering better value for money.
ECC have therefore agreed with the school for some building works to take place over the summer holiday period. If the permanent expansion and associated building works do not receive approval, ECC are still obliged to provide Brightside with an additional classroom for September to accommodate the bulge class.