Welcome to Brightside Primary School!

We are a happy, welcoming school who pride ourselves on the quality of care and provision for the pupils. Our school is based on six core values and these underpin everything we do: 

Respect, Teamwork, Determination, Honesty, Individuality and Enthusiasm. 

We believe that by teaching these values and embedding them within our curriculum, lessons and clubs we will produce 21st century citizens, who are well rounded and who have the skills to succeed in life. 

Please feel free to arrange a visit to our school to see our values at work. 

Mr L. Bulpett, Headteacher

Our Vision

To achieve the best possible outcomes for every child

To give all pupils every opportunity through a range of activities and a broad and balanced curriculum

To ensure everyone is treated fairly and challenged to progress and develop

To research and continually develop and be at the forefront of initiatives

To make a positive contribution to the school and local community

School Day

8.40am - doors open

8.50am - start of school day

3.10pm - end of day

Length of school day - 6 hours 20 mins 

Length of school week - 31 hours 40 mins