Brightside's curriculum is bespoke to the pupils of our school and the location in which we teach. Pupils are taught progressive skills in all subjects, that have been carefully mapped, to ensure breadth and challenge. The curriculum is designed to equip the pupils with relevant and transferable skills that will help them prepare for an ever changing and challenging world. Our bespoke curriculum is designed on giving the pupils wonderful opportunities, whilst understanding that it is their responsibility to ensure they contribute positively to their community and the outside world.  


Our curriculum is built on the vision of our school. We strive to give our pupils amazing opportunities built around excellent teaching, culture and meaningful, memorable experiences. We teach pupils about the individual qualities we each need so that we can all make a positive contribution to our community, with an overarching aim for each pupil to understand they need to emulate this later on in life. Everyone at our school is afforded the same opportunities, tailored to their needs, so that pupils can thrive in many curriculum disciplines and extra-curricular events.

We know that for any pupil in our school to achieve and succeed they must be confident with who they are and have strategies to tackle and cope with negative feelings. We equip our pupils with approaches and strategies that help them to become resilient, confident learners, but who also recognise when support is needed. 

We strive for our pupils to challenge stereotypes and think open mindedly about people and the world in which they live. We want our pupils to respectfully challenge people’s perceptions so that they form their own opinions and ideas. We want our pupils to understand that opinions vary and as long as people aren’t being offensive or disrespectful a difference of thought is to be respected. 

We believe in an extended curriculum where every pupil will have the opportunity to participate in a before or after school activity. We aim to provide our pupils with a wealth and variety of clubs that will interest, excite and inspire young minds. Music and the creative arts are an essential part of our curriculum.


At Brightside, we challenge pupils to be the best they can be. Each pupil is an individual and by knowing each one, we ensure that their abilities are celebrated whilst we supportively improve areas that need development. Our day to day curriculum is embedded in the values of the school. Pupils are rewarded for showing the individual values and these are celebrated in class and in a whole school environment. Our pupils know what each value means and how they can demonstrate this everyday, be that in class or around school. We teach pupils the skills required to be confident, independent learners by focusing on the Brightside values and giving them tools they can use to aid their progress. 

Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to acquire skills and knowledge each academic year that is then built on in subsequent years. Our bespoke skills based curriculum ensures pupils experience and master a breadth and range of skills in all curriculum areas. We expose our pupils to enriching experiences, immersing them in culture, sport, music and performing arts so that our pupils have a wealth of knowledge and opportunity. 

Teachers challenge pupils in all lessons by checking regularly on the learning undertaken and the work being produced. The feedback given to pupils is there to reward and highlight good learning but also to challenge and identify what needs development.

We support pupils to become confident speakers who are articulate in all areas of learning. This essential skill is inherent in everyday work in the classroom and in the many opportunities we provide for pupil voice within the school. Reading is at the heart of the school’s curriculum and we strive for every pupil  to develop reading skills at an early age. Developing a passion and a love of reading is integral to what we do everyday and we celebrate books, reading and literature in all we do. 


Our pupils will demonstrate the core values of the school and be engaged in learning

Our pupils will demonstrate confidence, independence and determination to succeed in all they put their minds to

Our pupils will acquire skills and knowledge in all curriculum areas

The curriculum affords pupils wonderful opportunities that spark enjoyment, and allow them to be the best they can be

Pupils will make at least expected progress by the time they reach the end of key stage 2

Pupils will have aspirations for the future and understand that with hard work these dreams and hopes can be achieved

Our pupils will understand that it is their responsibility to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live

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