Zones of Regulation

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Zones of Regulation is a social curriculum designed to support children to:

identify their feelings and levels of alertness

use effective regulation tools

know when and how to use tools

problem solve positive solutions

understand how their behaviours 

influence others’ thoughts and feelings (theory of mind)

All classes in Brightside (from Reception to Year 6) use the Zones of Regulation to help children identify their emotions and support children in being able to recognise strategies that can help them in each zone.  

We believe that it is invaluable for the children to learn about their emotions. Children will feel sadness in their lives. They need to recognise sadness in order to know when they are happy. We teach strategies to manage anger too. Everyone gets angry (and that's ok)! What's not OK is to react when they are angry. Red zone skills are taught and discussed when the children are calm so they can apply them when they are "in the Red". 

At Brightside we teach the children that EVERY EMOTION YOU FEEL IS OK. It's what you do when you're in that zone that we must learn to manage.  It works alongside our school values perfectly! 

All teaching staff and lunchtime support staff have been trained and model the language of the zones every day.

Since the introduction of the Zones across the school, the children have become more aware of their emotions and realise it's OK to discuss how they feel. They understand that looking after ourselves mentally is just as important as looking after ourselves physically. 

Hearing the children talk in colours has become the new norm for us! We're immensely proud of how well the children, staff (and parents too!) have grasped this concept and have worked hard to embed it across the school. 

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Zones of Regulation Slides - Parent 1

These slides tell you more about the Zones.  

An example of a classroom interactive display.

Every child can "check in" and say how they feel.

Children can move between zones as they need to.