Junior Management Team

In Year 6, all children are invited to apply to become part of the Junior Management Team (JMT). Those wanting to apply, write a letter of application to Mr Bulpett and are interviewed by the existing JMT members and their recommendations are forwarded to Mr Bulpett for the final decision. 

The JMT are an important part of Brightside. First and foremost, they are role models to the rest of the school by following the school values in ways that go above and beyond our normal daily routine. They have bi-weekly meetings with Mr Bulpett where they can discuss any ideas for upcoming events or suggestions they have to make Brightside even better. 

They help out around the school in lots of different ways; whether it be setting up assemblies, sharing team point scores and winners or showing around new parents and visitors to the school. We are extremely proud of our JMT members - please feel free to stop and have a chat with any of our current members to find out more!